Bullion Patches


Bullion patches exude a sense of classic elegance and luxury. Handcrafted with fine metal threads, beads, and wires, they showcase intricate detailing and a raised texture. Often associated with prestige, these patches are perfect for ceremonial uniforms, club blazers, and high-end garments, adding a timeless and regal touch to any attire

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Let’s face it, there are times when official military patches – as great as they are — just don’t cut it. Sure, they can spell out your name, indicate your rank, even note combat awards. But sometimes, you just need custom morale patches to show your (or your unit’s) attitude. Count on us for the best in Morale Patches! Of course, if you need more traditional Military Patches, we do those too


Custom embroidered patches and iron-on patches developed specifically to your group’s special design needs are all we do.