Embroidery Patches


Custom patches are your designs brought to life. They’re a mix of identity, pride, and personal touch. Whether for a team, a brand, or a personal statement, our patches turn any idea into a tangible piece of art, ready to wear or showcase

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With our custom patches services, your ideas come to life. Share your design, pick your colors, and let us do the rest. Quality craftsmanship, clear details, and your personal touch—every patch is a story waiting to be told


Custom embroidered patches and iron-on patches developed specifically to your group’s special design needs are all we do.

Our process

From Start to Finish A Process You Can Trust

Every project begins with a shared vision, taking shape through collaborative discussions, expert insights, and meticulous planning


Submit Your Vision

We invite you to be part of a transformative journey. It starts with your raw ideas, a mere sketch or inspiration, which then becomes the canvas for our expert artisans


Concept Creation

From choosing the right threads and colors to the precision of the stitch, every detail is fine-tuned to translate your concept into a patch that speaks volumes


THE Renovation

We take well-loved patches, refresh their look, and make them shine anew, blending their rich history with modern craftsmanship